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It is with a heavy heart that I need to inform you, that in the light of the legislation passed today, we will have to close our church buildings for worship, at least until the 2 December. This means that for at least the next 4 weeks there will be no Shoppers Service at Timperley on a Thursday morning, no Remembrance Day service at The Vine on 11 November and no Sunday worship in any of our church buildings. 

At this present time, we will continue with Individual Prayer at Timperley on Mondays and Fridays 10-12 and at Altrincham Wednesdays 10-12, however, please keep an eye on the notices as this may change depending on the availability of people to open for this as well as whether there is any take up in people attending. There is also the possibility that Bowdon Vale and The Vine may decide to offer some individual prayer sessions, though this has yet to be decided. If you are on Facebook you can access the ‘weekly postcard’ from the Chapel in the Field on Mondays and each week during lockdown there will be some extra postcards. 

With the exception of the Foodbank and any formal support groups that are permitted under the legislation, Individual Prayer is the only thing that will be happening in our buildings. 

You will still be able to access the circuit on-line service at https://thesundayservice.gallery.video/altrinchammethodist at 10.30am every Sunday. 

We are exploring other means of helping people to keep in touch and to be able to pray. From next Wednesday (11th) 9.30am-11am there will be Zoom ‘Prayer and Chat’. Look out for the information in the notices for where to obtain the Zoom link. Those who don’t do Zoom on-line will be able to phone in to participate that way. 

As Advent approaches, we will be putting together a daily prayer resource for you to use at home with a daily reflection also going out on YouTube and Facebook. We are also hoping to provide some resources for Christmas that will be delivered to you, in the same way as we did for Thy Kingdom Come. If you are able to help deliver these resources, could you please let us know by emailing christmasdelivery@altrinchammethodistcircuit.org.uk

If you need any help over this time, want a chat with someone, need shopping or medicines, please email pastoralcare@altrinchammethodistcircuit.org.uk , send a text to 07860015449, or phone the circuit office on 0161 928 0022. 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their hard work in making our church buildings safe places to be. Your hard work is so much appreciated and everything that you have done will make it easier for us to be able to worship again, at the point that we are able to do so. We can get through this together and in the grace and love of God. 

May you be filled with the love of God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. 


During this time, with an almost daily escalation of recommendations for self-isolation of those among us who are vulnerable, elderly and/or with compromised immune systems, we felt it essential that we should all have access to a central helpline.  This will ensure that if you need any help or support, be it assistance with shopping, pastoral support, prayer, hospital/GP visits or just simply someone to talk to, we can make the quickest response.

There are three ways of contacting the helpline:

1). Telephone the Circuit office on 0161 928 0022.  Calls received to this number will be forwarded to the most appropriate person in the pastoral team who can help with your request. The office is not staffed all the time. Please leave a message on the answer phone.

2). Email your request to pastoralcare@AltrinchamMethodistCircuit.org.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

3). Send a text message to 07860 015449.  This will be forwarded to the email address above. his is text only, you cannot speak on this number.

When contacting us, please state your name and contact number and the reason for your call so that we can respond quickly and appropriately.  Can we stress that no reason for calling is too trivial - we are here and available to help with any concerns you may have.  All of those involved in this new pastoral initiative will have been DBS checked and will have added business cover to their car insurance.

You may well receive offers of help with shopping etc from other members of the community.  Most of these are likely to be genuine but please do take care not to make yourself vulnerable to any abuse, however improbable.  If in any doubt, please get in touch with us.

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Neither height nor depth, nor anything else

in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:39