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messy november

messy november

Messy November




A fund raising 'Gourmet' meal at The Vine on Friday June 28th


'Days Together' is a wonderful Community Group, when they are not at Altrincham Methodist Church, they are at the The Vine every Thursday learning cooking skills.

On June 27th they celebrated being together for two years.

There was lots of enjoyment!

And hugs!

And food of course!

Not forgetting the birthday Cake!





































Inside the large space, and super big storage cupboards.

Looking back through to Oak Road

The new kitchen in The Vine, wow, what a cooker!

Entry to the flats is almost complete

Looking down Oak Road

The Front of the new Church 'The Vine'

Looking back down the stairs



The entrance area being plastered

Inside looking at the newly glazed 'old' window.


One of the seven flats, here in the kitchen on the top floor.

Sue Woods enjoyed her visit and looks quite the part in her builders hat, she said the whole place was brilliant!


Some of the sandstone features!

The retained wall which used to link the terraced house to the old hall, now connects the flats and creates a walkway from Oak Road to some the front doors.

The original name stones have been included in various places around the new building.

The entrance area to some of the flats, accessed from Peel Road.

At the back the development, the original 'date' stone has been re-set. (1912)

Oak Road elevation of the flats.

Looking down Oak Road, lots of great features in the building.


The reclaimed and rebuilt window, that used to be on the Hale Road elevation of the previous building.

The entrance foyer, much bigger than was expected!

The entrance foyer, front doors on the right, stairs, office and disabled loo on left.

Upstairs in the rather large room with front window.

A view of the upstairs window looking out to Hale Road

A visit from the President of the Methodist Conference and Chair of District, plus a lesson in texting!

Distinguished visitors in May 2012

 Meeting at the building site with the President and Vice President of the Methodist Conference


Upstairs looking down into the stair well.




Upstairs, looking towards the large Hall at the back.


Inside looking towards the Oak Road window.


Passing by in May 2012


The reclaimed window.



The entrance foyer, with evidence of rain.


Kevin, Amiee, Steve and Jeff deciding where to put the hatch and the office door.


Inside in April 2012, the window in many pieces is carefully rebuilt.


The large Hall.

Looking from the corner of Oak Road.

The flats from Oak Road.

 Steel bits, and it all fits together!


 Work on the flats in Feb 2012

rebuild 7

Local children have made some great artwork.

rebuild 6


Somehow, this area will become a new church and seven flats!



 Its cold on site as the concrete floor goes in!


This date stone from the old hall, will be rebuilt into the new.



Part way through demolition.

Hair Oil

Hair Oil Bottle!!!

A Mystery....this little bottle along a few others was found by the Demolition Contractor in the roof void above the Church, the label on one bottle suggested that it had contained hair oil. But why?







Hale Church

Hale Methodist Church