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Our Ministry Team

Rev. Ros Watson.

Ros Watson has been a placement student in the area, and from September 2014,  she formally was appointed to serve the Methodist Church as Probationer Minister.


Ros has pastoral responsibility at The Vine, you can contact her....


Ros is by origin Liverpudlian, though her father’s work took the family to Leigh, Nuneaton and South Wales. She enjoyed University in Sheffield and then came to Southport which has become home. The family was not church going, not Methodist. She was interested in scripture: study, enquiry and understanding but not belief. Yet it was during a Scripture lesson in South Wales that her first powerful conversion experience occurred: ‘Like the Sistine Chapel ceiling – History past and future collide.’

 Ros was inspired by the visit of Pope John Paul. At Sheffield she  ‘read’ Prehistory and Archaeology, with particular interest in early farming and lithics. ‘The excitement of finding a flint that had been used so long ago and lain unrecognised.’

A fellow student took Ros along to her Methodist church. The people were friendly and asked her to teach in the Sunday School. It proved difficult to find work after graduating and she moved to Southport, where her family now lived. She started going to a church there but it was not initially welcoming; people at church did

Not speak to her but she stuck with them and eventually people softened and took her to themselves.

‘The church was a family and BIG for me.’

 She worked as a hotel receptionist, then Broadbent and Boothroyd’s of Lord Street. The church asked her to help  with the Boys’ Brigade: ‘Making stuff  out of cardboard: I had not thought of myself as a primary teacher,

But I loved it.’ She qualified at Edge Hill Training College as a Primary School teacher and began teaching in Everton.

Married and with a son, she spent many  years ‘on supply’ in Southport from nursery to year six. Having signed up  for course on ‘Worship’ from church, she found that this was to prepare her to be a Worship Leader!

Then the call to become a Local Preacher took hold. Ros does not leap immediately but waits for ideas to settle and mature and seeks guidance from trusted colleagues. Her first sermon was another occasion for a powerful spiritual experience of connection with God: ‘Do not be afraid’.

The possibility of training for Ministry was growing strong. This warm and modest young lady is well on her way to becoming ordained.

She revels  in the study and the exchange of ideas with tutors and other students.

She brings to the setting the considerable experience which life has already brought her.


Rev Kevin Johnson. Superintendent Minister

Welcome to The Vine (Hale Methodist Church) Website. It is a great privilege to be in full time ordained ministry, however I have had other jobs, notably as a self employed furniture maker for a number of years. This carpenter does not come from Nazareth!!  

I starterd my first appointment in South Ribble from 1993-1999, looking after three churches and also being a part-time Prison Chaplain. This was a great time of learning and also quite a challenge! From there I went to Lytham St Annes 1999-2005 on the Fylde Coast. In 2005 I came to Altrincham and I have been the Superintendent Minster here, that means I have extra repsonsibility for four churches in this area. 


Preaching is a challenge that I enjoy, trying to interpret the bible for today. I value the importance of faith sharing in small groups within the life of the Church. A strong network of Pastoral care is important to my understanding of ministry. I try to encourage a variety of styles of worship, relevant to all ages, including all-age worship. 

My style of ministry is based on building relationships within and outside the Church. I enjoy working with people of all ages and seek to encourage everyone to be part of God’s family. My ministry is aided by a good sense of humour (apparently)!

 I long to see a God-centred Church serving the community with courage and vision. 

I have other interests which include Woodwork, playing golf, following sport especially Manchester City! (Is that sport) Caravanning and general reading.

I am married to Jane who is a nurse, we have a daughter Katie (married to an ordained Anglican) and a son Matthew who is a chef, and two very lovely grandchildren.

 Please contact me throught the website link.

Kevin Johnson

Jackie Davies. Children's and Family Worker


Jackie Davies is our Children's and Family Worker and she is very busy working in four Methodist churches Altrincham, Hale, Timperley and Bowdon Vale as well as local school and with parents. Jackie has been in her ministry role for over five years.

She is responsible and helps teams deliver the very successful Messy Church at The Vine, regular weekday Tiny Praise, Junior Youth Club, Summer Holiday Clubs. Jackie also supports Sunday Club, and leads school assemblies



Rachel Foster. Youth Worker in Altrincham, Bowdon Vale, The Vine and Timperley.

Rachel comes to us to continue a Youth Ministry which she has been pursuing successfully in Sheffield these last three years. She comes along with Danny her husband and Maisie, their small and charming 16month old daughter. They are a warm, gentle and cheerful trio who lift your heart as they say hello.
Rachel comes originally from Longbridge in South Birmingham. There are few traces of a West Midlands’ accent – though she went from Longbridge to nearby Redditch, famed for its round‐abouts.

rachelHer commitment to a Christian Ministry with young people is well established: a real feeling of being a Christian came to her when she was 15 and by the age of 17 she knew that Youth Work was her calling. At Birmingham University she graduated in Theology, returning later to training to teach RE.
Another influential thread in her development has been involvement with the Girls’ Brigade. It was through attendance at national rallies that she and Danny met. Danny is originally from Hull, a long‐time member of the Boys Brigade with skills and talents in the world of arts.

A gap year in Essex took Rachel on to train in Youth Work with the Baptist Church in Billericay. This was energising and inspiring but did not lead to immediate openings in the field; hence her return to studies in Birmingham.

A three year appointment in Youth Ministry with an Anglican‐
Methodist Church in Gloucester gave her a first real opportunity to
practice in the work she knows is her metier. Then she became Development Director for Girls’ Brigade England and Wales before a three years project in Sheffield. The move to Sheffield felt to be ‘God Guid‐ed’: a skate board in the garden, other applicants fading from the scene –Doors opened on a fabulous challenge from a family base in an enormous former manse and they have seen mighty progress.


At Sheffield Rachel has had a responsibility for ten churches so that her role has become essentially advisory/supervisory. The ten church Circuit is about to become assimilated into a 60 church Circuit with changes of organisation and revenue.

Rachel and Danny are looking forward to being part of our smaller Circuit which will allow Rachel more scope for hands‐on involvement. As with the Sheffield appointment, there have been happenings which feel more than coincidences that made them aware of the Altrincham opening and then told them more. Rachel is part‐way through a Masters course at Cliff College in which her dissertation considers the role and potential of Brigades in modern Youth Ministry in the UK.

This is a seriously well‐equipped young woman who will welcome and be welcomed by young people and older people who can catch her vision and help to take it further.